Sometimes it’s okay to be a little reckless. (Right?)


Sometimes it’s okay to be a little reckless. (Right?)

I’M SORRY. I can’t stop my hands. (Based the costumes on another fanwork around) 

I’M SORRY. I can’t stop my hands. 

(Based the costumes on another fanwork around) 

Couple of WIP’s. 

If you’d like a $10 sketch (The first image would be a good example) I am still open. Email me at MissKatto@gmail.com

$10 Sketches

Hey guys, I am working on commissions, but if you’d like a $10 sketch, itd really help me out. I’m not entirely sure how much I will be spending on the euthanasia and cremation. @__@;;/ 


I’ll draw just about anything at this point. 
Provide a good ref, and a description of some sort of pose or scenario. Or I dunno. Personality trait or hobby. 

Email me at MissKatto@gmail.com. Paypal address is the same email. 

Gross Nerds

Gross Nerds

Over the course of the two days I have been home, Pepper’s had blood in her stool, and Luna’s condition has gotten worse. 

One vet visit later, Pepper’s waiting on a diagnosis, and Luna is headed in for a final trip to the vet tomorrow. She seems to be in a lot of pain, I can’t hold on to her and make her suffer more… v__v

I’m really sad, but kind of more mentally prepared. I already had my complete melt down over this a few weeks ago.  

I had to ask my mom for money for the euthanasia procedure, ugh. 

But yeah. What do I do??? I am terrified I will just be a mess and unable to drive home if I stay for the procedure. But I also really don’t know if its kinda mean to have her go through it alone???

I wish I hadn’t been so busy these last two weeks… 

ohhhjenna said: gumroad

AH! Thank you! That’s exactly it. 

Any one remember the name of that site that you can upload PDF’s, and people can purchase a download of them from there? I remember CandyAcid using it for her Kevedd comics, But I can’t find the name now that she has them uploaded for free. 

Home from San Japan

Hey every one. I am back! 

It was a really great year! There’s a lot I can do better, and I am still short staffed. But all in all it was a successful weekend, and all the staff were just wonderful! I miss them already. ; v ; 

Best part of the weekend was having my sister around, getting her to watch (AND ENJOY) Bike anime, meeting Mr.Creepy Pasta, meeting and hanging out with TK, and of course seeing my awesome con family.

I love working with the radios, but I love even more being the person every one has to come see in the morning. Huhuhu. 

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Please Don’t

Don’t re-upload my art, colored, traced, or left alone. If I want my art on DA, I will put it there. 

I know I post a lot of sketches and linearts, but please do not think that just because I didn’t color these works, that I am okay with you coloring them and uploading them to your own page. 

I turn the other way with image boards like Pony Booru and stuff, as they are not personal ‘galleries’, and from what I’ve seen, people have been pretty decent at sourcing the original artist. 

The funny thing is, it’s 90% of the time, MLP art I have drawn. 

If you guys want more content from artists, you have to respect them. Using my work without my permission really chaps my backside. And the fact that my MLP works get traced and color-filled and re-uploaded so much makes me really think twice about uploading any more MLP art. 

Its my work, I really care about my craft. Please respect my wishes, and my art.