You could have just asked for a bite, Gon. 

You could have just asked for a bite, Gon. 

Hiya! I was wondering, what paper do you use? (And what store do you get it from if you're ok with me asking) All your ink-stuff looks gosh-dang amazing, and the quality of the paper looks much better than my printer paper @A@

Aw, thanks!!!

I typically use what ever I have on hand. (I have a lot of random brands squirreled away in my art supplies lol) but lately I have been using a pad of Strathmore ‘mega’ sketch paper. It’s pretty standard stuff I think. It’s got virtually no ‘tooth’ to it, and I like that it’s a little bigger than printer paper.

On that note, however, I do use printer paper sometimes too! It just blends easier depending on your pen.

I love the way how you draw the thick lines around the characters. They reminds me a bit of what Yusuke Murata does on his mangas.

AH! Thank you! That’s quite the compliment. * v *

I like to do it cause it kinda brings parts of the image into the foreground. Makes complicated pics a little easier to look at. (for me anyways)

I drew Ponzu for popstick as compensation for laughing at him all week. :’D

For some one who seemed a little down, and has been too nice for me to ignore being sadddd. 

Sweets aren’t really the answer, but they kinda help sometimes. 

I stayed up all night keeping my roommate company on her all nighter…

In my delirium I drew Halloween Neferpitou.

I was really evil today.

"What does the cat say, Killua?"
“Sh-shut up!!!”

Teasing Killua is a full time job.

(I ended up inking these! Taking down the original post)

Killua, Cake, Cat Ears (ft. crappy office pen. WEH) 

Kat as Neferpitou. /)w(\

I went crazy with the messy inks. Whoops.